Learning principles

Evidence-based learning: In the 21st century, we know what effective learning looks like through the work of educators, neuroscientists, and educational researchers:


Learning is active

Learning is action oriented. We need a shift from passive instruction to active experience.


Learning needs relevance

Learning leads students into direct exchange with topics, challenges, and problems from their living environment.


Learning needs clear goals and constructive feedback

To be able to improve performance, individually challenging goals, and subject-related mentoring with development-oriented feedback at short intervals are needed.


Learning needs processes for me and us

On the one hand, learning is personalized, self-determined and self-organized. On the other hand, learning is a social process. School has to create a balance between these two learning processes.


Learning beyond right and wrong

Learning encourages students to question critically, explore, and try things out creatively. Mistakes are not to be avoided because they are our allies from which we learn.


Learning between analog and digital

In addition to a combination of digital and analog tools, the focus here is on learning and living a culture of digitality.


Learning means learning to learn

Learning itself comes to the fore by opening up different learning methods and organizing, controlling, and reflecting on learning processes.


Learning means promoting strengths

Instead of spending most of their time on what they can't do in order to become average at it, we encourage students to become excellent at their proficiencies.


Learning means teaching

We learn most effectively when we pass on what we have learned. Students become teachers and teachers become students.


Learning in interrelated systems

Everything is connected to everything else. Knowledge is not just divided into subjects but interconnected. Learning is not only cognitive, but a holistic process. The school is part of the neighborhood, the city, the world.