Excellence. Or the search for individual potential development

The X-School sees itself as a school of excellence for a post-migrant society. This is where the founders and shapers of tomorrow's world learn. Accordingly, we set our goals high.

For us, excellence means learning skills, knowledge, and attitudes for a successful life in the 21st century, engaging with challenging content and in-depth research, and working at the highest level. Excellence includes both a basic cross-disciplinary knowledge that enables basic scientific knowledge to be used as a frame of reference for further learning, as well as advanced expert knowledge from specific subject areas of life. The latter is individually oriented because excellence does not mean blindly chasing good grades and measuring all students by one yardstick.

To illustrate…Once upon a time, a village full of animals decided to do something heroic to face the problems of their ‘new world’. They founded a school. The curriculum, with activities like running, climbing, swimming and flying, was quickly established. To make administration easier, all animals took all subjects. The duck was excellent at swimming, better even than its instructor. But since she was slow at running, she had to stay after school and also give up swimming to practice running. This went on until her webbed feet were badly worn. However, since she could now run moderately, no one worried about it. The rabbit was top of the class at running, but had a nervous breakdown because she had taken on so much at swimming. The squirrel excelled at climbing, but was frustrated in flight class to find that her teacher didn't believe in her abilities and let her take off from the ground. The eagle was a problem child, bored in flight class and overwhelmed in climbing. The prairie dogs stayed away from school because the school would not include digging and burrowing in the curriculum. At the end of the year, an extraordinary eel who was mediocre at swimming, running, climbing, and flying had the highest average and was named valedictorian.

The fable ‘The Animal School’ by George Reeves is well known, and most would agree with its reasoning. Every child is unique. School should be dedicated to that individual potential.

At the beginning of the school career, we want to get to know each child extensively. What are his or her needs, strengths and dreams? We create a genuine relationship with the children and strengthen their self-confidence by taking their interests seriously, valuing their strengths, and conveying a growth-oriented mindset.

In challenging real-life projects, we use our brains, hands and hearts to learn diverse skills, knowledge and attitudes that are important for a successful life in the 21st century. Excellence does not mean blindly chasing good grades in all subjects. Our goal is to help students find their own way through a variety of self-directed experiences, professional coaching and holistic assessment: Where are their strengths? What do they enjoy doing? How can they contribute their interests and strengths to society in a meaningful way? As they progress through school, their learning goals become more individualized. In order to promote these to the maximum, the X-School establishes a support program with boot camps for interest groups, specially selected mentors, cooperation with progressive, upstanding companies and universities, projects by outstanding artists and extracurricular experts, international competitions, and much more.

Instead of trying to squeeze all children into one mold, we want to systematically discover individual potential. Our students set high goals for themselves, develop their potential and achieve mastery in their self-determined learning journey.